Get The Exposure Your Blog Needs

If you have or are going to start a blog, there’s a lot to consider. Yes, running a blog takes more than just writing what’s on your mind and waiting for the world to read it. For your blog to really shine, it needs readers who are willing to spend a few minutes on it daily. But how do you get these readers? It takes work. No amount of amazing posts will bring you any, much less regular, visitors if you don’t make sure the word spreads that you have a blog and it’s worth reading. Visit empower network to know on how to make your blog viral.

The easiest way to get the word out is to just do it yourself. That means telling friends, family members and co-workers (as long as you don’t mind your blog making the rounds in your office). Yes, these people already hear your every thought, but they might be helpful in spreading your network by telling people you know. Put your blog’s web address in the signature of your e-mail so anyone you contact has a chance to click through. Do you have a non-blog website, perhaps for a business? If it’s appropriate, throw you blog’s address on there too. Believe it or not, there’s still a world outside of the internet too. While it’s still much easier to spread the word online, don’t miss an opportunity to tell people you meet about your blog. Consider printing out business cards that will have your blog’s address displayed.

Use social media. If you’re trying to get exposure and you aren’t using social media, you aren’t trying hard enough. These days many of the top websites in the entire world belong to social media. Rest assured all the other sites rely heavily on social media for their audience. You should be doing the same for your blog. Make sure the voice you use on social media is complimentary of that on your blog, though, and be sure you speak on the same subjects. Otherwise you’ll be driving an audience to a blog they have no interest in.

The most important thing you can do is post on your blog regularly. As you build your audience, you can expect to lose them if you’re not actively giving them something to read. Posting daily should really be your goal. If it helps, write more than one post a day and just stagger when you publish them. But don’t let your blog go stagnant. You’ll have a hard time getting people back.

Blogging is all about your audience. While your writing needs to come first, you won’t go far if your audience isn’t a close second.

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